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Maiden Voyage!

2011-11-29 22:02:33 by SnoeMarx

Hey everyone, Snoe here. I've been listening to a lot of trance music lately, and it's really catchy stuff. I realize that it's not for everyone, and my attempts at it will most likely fail miserably, but writing music is what I love to do. If I'm good enough, I might just consider it as a career. For now, I just hope I can write some cool and catchy stuff, but I'll let you guys be the judge! Wish me luck, and hopefully nobody will get hurt. ;P

Oh, one last thing! If anybody has any tips on how to make something cool in fl studio (that's what I'm using for now), feel free to sent me a PM! I'm always open to new ideas and criticisms. Please and thank you.



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